The Future of the Fashion Hothouse

The Future of the Fashion Hothouse

Who We Are

At the Fashion Hothouse, we specialize in giving life to fashion fantasies – for designers, companies and everyday creatives. The Fashion Hothouse stands as one of the lasts bastions of Irish garment manufacturing. Our services include custom orders, production, sampling, drafting, alterations and consultation.

What We’ve Done

We’ve worked with names big and small and have made almost every garment possible. We’ve created bespoke dresses, veils, waistcoats, uniforms and more. Some of our clients include Helen Steele, Fran & Jane, telecommunications giant Three and Showtime’s Penny Dreadful.

Our work can also claim a place on the international stage. Not only have gowns we’ve produced been worn on stage at both the Miss World Pageant and the VIP Style Awards, but we’ve also made clothes for international designers like Paris based designer Johanna Maher.

Where We’re Going

We’re many things at the Fashion Hothouse – skilled, original, creative, experienced – so it’s hard to put our aims in so few words, but we’ll try. Firstly, we want to reignite the Irish garment industry and revive the appreciation for local craftsmanship.

Secondly, we want to make the first tentative steps towards creating the legacy from our generation of the Irish fashion industry. We want to leave a visible mark on the history of Irish fashion, and not only in the hearts of our clients, and in the pictures scattered throughout the internet or placed carefully above the hearth. In the coming weeks, you’ll see us begin to catalogue some of the pinnacle moments in the industry, from articles on college fashion shows to interviews with designers and an inside look at what’s happening in our studio.

But, perhaps most excitingly, we want to provide an insight into the inner workings of what we do. As one of the last Irish businesses manufacturing and producing garments, we think it’s important to provide a one-stop source for what goes into the creation of the bespoke garment. In an upcoming series entitled Creating Chic , you’ll gain the opportunity to understand how the machines we use for all our of services (drafting, cutting, sampling, sewing, alterations) work.

Irish fashion is about a lot of things, style, creativity, individuality, but most importantly, it’s about inclusion, and we want to make you as much a part of the industry as we are.