Marcelo Rodrigues – “Infection Plumis”

Dublin based designer Marcelo Rodrigues’s Gothic inspired collection Infection Plumis truly articulates the creative gift that has shaped his life. Born in Brazil, Rodrigues spent most of his education and professional life exploring the creative arts. Having worked in both the small screen and as a professional photographer, Rodrigues is a...

Claire Sheridan and the Design of Famine

Drawing inspiration from the ‘coffin ship voyage’ of Irish immigrants during the Great Hunger (1845- 1852), Claire Sheridan’s final year collection closed the Dublin Institute of Design Fashion Show. Entitled Honora’s Voyage, Sheridan’s work draws largely on the use of dark and light colors. However, far from binary, Sheridan’s collection is an...

By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day.

— Robert Frost

Manufacturing in Ireland

International telecommunications giant Three needed customer service uniforms for their hospitality staff at the ThreeArena in Dublin. So with Advertising Agency 'Modern Green' we were commissioned to develop and manufacture nearly 500 garments in their brand colours... READ MORE

Bespoke Gowns & Made to Measure Dresses

The creation of one-off garments is a speciality at the Fashion Hothouse. We have produced outfits worn at many glamorous events like Miss World, VIP Style Awards and we have created prize winning looks for Ladies Day at both Galway and Leopardstown Races... READ MORE