(Back to the) Future of Fashion!

(Back to the) Future of Fashion!

It’s 2015 and that means one thing, on October 21st Marty McFly is going to jump out of a DeLorean and punch someone in the face!

What’s been termed ‘Back to the Future Day’, October 21st is set to be one of the biggest days in movie buff
history. It’s not only the 26th anniversary of Back to the Future II, it’s also the day Doc Brown and Marty McFly are set to arrive from the past.

outiesA cult classic, BTTF II promised it’s 1989 audience many things. Hoverboads, flying cars, self-tying shoes and…we don’t have any of them. Well, I suppose if you put a few hidden ramps on a NASCAR racecourse, you would definitely see some flying cars. But that’s not the point, the point is that the future looks a tad less cool than we thought it would three decades ago. So what can we do?

It’s simple, we can recreate the iconic fashion. We can build it, we have the technology.

 And that’s what Ross O’Mullane decided to do. Combining creative vision with classic fanboy enthusiasm, the marketer turned entrepreneur and fashion designer created ‘Outies’, the famous inside-out jeans. From creating the pattern (the garment prototype) to cutting and sewing the final product, we helped bring Ross’s favorite movie and new business venture to life.

Sporting the ‘Outies’ logo on the instantly recognizable inside-out pockets, the uniquely futuristic, baggy blue jeans capture the true essence of the sci-fi masterpiece. But there’s more to ‘Outies’ than just turning a pair of jeans inside-out. They’re also designed with a fully functional button and zip, beltloops, hidden pockets and a super-sized thigh pocket for a smart-phone or, in Biff’s case, a sporting almanac.

‘Outies’ are the ideal item for every film fanatic, from the cosplayers to dedicated ‘Halloweenists’. Check out Ross’s Kickstarter to order a pair!