25% Off All May Bridal Alterations

25% Off All May Bridal Alterations

In celebration of the wedding season, the Fashion Hothouse is offering a 25% reduction on all bridal alterations.

We also took the chance to sit down with our in-house stylist and designer Jill Wilde to find out what’s in and what’s out in bridal fashion. The mind behind Wilde by Design, Jill is one of the creative powers that define the cutting edge of wedding fashion. Her chic veils have won renown among both, the rich and famous, and brides-to-be across the nation.

We’re sitting in Jill’s partitioned part of the factory. Used to dealing with people, Jill remain’s warm and affable throughout the interview. Since she’s a professional stylist, and I’m still wearing Cons and band t-shirts, quite a lot of this interview was conducted with the intention of getting some free advice…

Sam: Hey Jill, so just to start off…who have you worked with in the past?jill-photo-crop

Jill: Hey Sam, well, most of my work prior to launching Wilde by Design was as a stylist and costume designer, so I’ve worked with models like Glenda Gilson, Rosanna Davidson.

And then I’ve also done a lot of work with the big names in PR-Burke Communications, Marketing Network, Prior Communications and so on.

But my favorite jobs are always with my personal shopping clients.  I love meeting people, getting to know their personalities and giving them an amazing new look which gives them an incredible confidence.

S: And what’s in this season?

J: Lucky for me veils are huge this season [laughs].

The veil used to be, like, a second thought, with brides tending to go for whatever was in the bridal shop where they bought their dress.

Now people are putting real thought into it. They want something exquisite, something that will not only enhance their dress, but give the WOW factor that will have their guests gasp when they arrive.

For Bridal dresses – lace is huge but the lines of the dresses are much more streamlined and the dresses more fitted.  The look is more glamorous than princess.

S: Weddings have been all over the media, on the news, on social media, pretty much everywhere…so what was your favorite dress or celebrity wedding?

J: Has to be Kate Moss’ dress. The fabric and the detailing were so delicate and the overall look was unbelievably graceful and elegant.

handmade-bridal-veil-wedding-dress-dublin-ireland3S: And who do you think are the best bridal designers at the minute?

J: I love the Australian designers at the moment.  Anna Campbell’s dresses are just breathtaking. I love Lisa Gowing as well.

S: I’ll check them out!…so what was the strangest or craziest project you’ve worked on?

J: Well, I’ve done some costumes that could definitely be said to be…out there.

But the strangest, most surreal time I’ve had in the industry wasn’t even design related…I was doing some concert work when Sting helped me steam his clothes before the show!!

S: Seriously?! That is so cool! I’m surprised he was willing to stand so close

J: [laughs] That was awful!

S: Ha, sorry…so do ‘Bridezillas’ actually exist, or is it all TV hype?

J: [smiles] Oh they definitely exist! I’ve met them, just not through this job.

I think, when clients come to me they are in their happy phase, the Bridezilla comes closer to the wedding and on the wedding day!!

S: That’s a good point!…So what do our Dr. Jekyl and Mr.Hyde brides have to look forward in terms of the future of bridal design?

J: Well, I think we’re going to see more and more unique designs, as brides choose to have bespoke dresses made for them.

Dresses that have that personal touch, and highlight their personalities and style rather instead of off-the-shelf garments.

S: Cool!… so, finally, if you were given free rein to completely design someone’s dress/veil, what would you do?

J:[smiles] That’s a hard question!!

[thinks for a few seconds] Well, personally, I love dramatic dresses, probably because of my background in costume in design.

I really love clean lines and garments that are well fitting.

And there would have to be a massive train, probably in lace, which would come off after the ceremony to reveal a vintage inspired, fitted dress with drop back.

I’m also mad about head pieces and birdcages so would definitely have the bride switch from a veil to a head piece after ceremony!

Jill Wilde is a professional stylist and designer, based in the Fashion Hothouse. She can be contact at  boutique [at] wildebydesign [dot] ie.

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